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Registration Requirements

Credit Requirements for Registration


  • 6 credits/term [Minimum to be eligible for financial aid]              
  • 15 credits/term [Maximum allowed without written exception*]


  • 4 credits/term [Minimum to be eligible for financial aid]              
  • 12 credits/term [Maximum allowed without written exception*]

*Exceptions require prior written approval from an academic advisor and academic dean and are rare.

Non-Degree Student Course Registration

Students not matriculated into a degree or certificate program at Cambridge College are allowed to take up to nine (9) credits for credit without applying for and enrolling in a degree or certificate program. Students should seek advisement from the academic dean of the school in which they are taking courses. Certain exceptions based on program, alumni status or location may apply.

See Non-Matriculated Students.

Cambridge College reserves the right to restrict access by special students to particular courses.  To get the full benefit of course work, course prerequisites must be met.  Prior education and experience for the corresponding degree are recommended.

A paper registration form must be completed.

Registering for Online and Hybrid Courses

Cambridge College is expanding online offerings. At this time, students must limit the number of credits they take in online courses to less than 50% of their program. Hybrid courses that combine online and on-site work in a single course are considered on-site and not online.