Student Perspectives

Class of 2014
I am a student. I am a mother. I am a specialist for my son.
Class of 2008
"I would recommend Cambridge College to others. It offers committed, serious, working adults a second-chance."
Class of 2010
Cambridge College made it possible for me to write my Independent Learning Project on a topic that is related to my homeland in Central Romania.
Class of 2012
"I believe I was destined to be a part of Cambridge College. The experience has changed my life and made me a better person."
Class of 2012
"We were adult learners, some from all over the world, each with a different need and a different style of learning."
Class of 2013
"In our professional seminar there were 16 of us from 10 different nations – Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Japan, England, Thailand, Trinidad, Kenya, the United States and Cambodia."