Dual Enrollment Admissions

For faster progress on your academic journey, earn college credits while still in high school through our dual enrollment programs.

A college education is an essential investment in a high school student’s future. Individuals with a bachelor's degree earn an average of $36,000 annually or 84 percent more than those holding a high school diploma.1

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Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Dual enrollment enables high school students to acquire college credit through courses taken at nearby, affordable colleges. It's ideal for high school students looking to try college-level courses, those looking to fill high school graduation requirements, and those hoping to get a jump-start on college.

Program Details

  • Cost: $200 per course
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Earn college-level credits while managing work and extracurricular commitments

Credit transfer options:

  • Up to 9 credits transferable to any Cambridge College undergraduate program
  • Potential transferability to other colleges/universities (subject to the institution's policies)

"There was a lot of networking, especially in the beginning of classes. Students saying: 'Reach out if you have any questions. I work in this department at this company.' In the end, if you want to work in that industry, you already have a connection, you can reach out to them on LinkedIn."

Karen Mai
AS Business Administration 2021

Course Flexibility

  • Online (Asynchronous) Courses offer maximum flexibility. There are no set class times, allowing you to choose when to complete coursework. However, assignments must meet syllabus deadlines. For first-time students, INF 101—Information Literacy for College Success is highly recommended.

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  • Remote (Zoom) Courses more closely resemble traditional on-campus classes with scheduled, or synchronous, class times. Students are expected to attend class sessions when scheduled and comply with the attendance policy.

    Remote (Zoom) course list coming soon

How to Apply

Register for courses by completing the Online High School Non-Matriculated Registration Form and email your complete form to ccg-registrar@cambridgecollege.edu.

Undergraduate and Accelerated Graduate Opportunities

Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate programs give you the foundation you need for the career you want.

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Your Path to Success Starts with Cambridge College

Why do high school students choose Cambridge College to begin their college education?

  • Over 50 years of providing efficient, affordable higher education to diverse students
  • Among the most cost-effective options in the Commonwealth, with no hidden fees
  • Your entire bachelor's degree at Cambridge College costs the same as just one year at some other colleges
  • Year-round, flexible class schedules for work-life balance and personalized learning
  • No standardized testing is required for admissions, your unique experiences are valued
  • Your high school-earned college credits via early college or dual enrollment programs are accepted – for faster degree completion

Ensure you have internet access and a fully functional laptop or desktop computer that can play audio and video and access Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint).

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