Life at CC

students in class

You can attend Cambridge College on-campus, online, remotely, or through a combination of these formats. And no matter which way you choose, you’ll find the experience to be one that’s tailored for busy adults. Adults who work full-time jobs and are often raising children or balancing other major life responsibilities. Adults who envision more for themselves and their families. Adults who are willing to push themselves to achieve their goals and dreams.

Faculty at Cambridge College are dedicated to their students. Small class sizes allow them to get to know each student on an individual basis. Our students often develop mentor relationships with their professors. While all our faculty are industry experts, many are scholar-practitioners, holding top-level positions in their fields while sharing their deep real-world experience with students in the classroom.

As a Cambridge College student – on-campus, online or hybrid – you’ll have an advisor who will help you plan your curriculum and guide you through your program from day 1 through graduation. You can also take advantage of free professional tutors who can help you understand assignments, brainstorm topics, give feedback on writing, and much more.

Life at Cambridge College is designed to be supportive for every student of every age, race, gender, and socio-economic background. We’re here to help you reach your unique goals.