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Cambridge College offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional degrees as well as certificate programs across several unique areas of study — delivered in a variety of modalities, including online, on-campus, remote and hybrid formats.

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Use our program finder tool to explore all of Cambridge College's future-forward degrees and certificates, offered across our five locations and online.

Future-Forward Academic Programs

Certificate Programs

Increase your career marketability in a short timeframe by demonstrating improved skills in a focused area when you complete one of the nearly 30 certificate programs at Cambridge College. Certificate credits can also be transferable to a related degree program.

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Associate Degree Programs

Build a strong educational foundation with associate degree programs from Cambridge College that are accessible, student-centered and life-changing. Choose from associate degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Healthcare Administration or Interdisciplinary Studies.

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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Choose from Cambridge College's 20+ undergraduate programs where you'll learn relevant and practical knowledge that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving, dynamic team building, respect for diversity and civic engagement.

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Master's Degree Programs

Advance your education and your career by selecting from nearly 60 graduate-level programs at Cambridge College, where you can earn your Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Management or Master of Science.

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Doctorate Degree Programs

Cambridge College currently offers two doctorate programs to help you become a leader in your field. Choose from Doctor of Business Administration in Quality Systems & Improvement Management, and PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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