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Campus Spotlight
Cambridge College is proud to host a Violence Transformed Art Exhibition, "Guns and Gun Violence in America: Too Many, Too Close." Gun violence touches on issues central to American life: safety, equality, opportunity, and community. It takes thousands of lives, depresses the quality of life of whole neighborhoods, and it reflects America’s existing racial and economic disparities. This timely and relevant program is comprised of 3 different events, all held at our Boston campus, and open to the public: (1) an Art Exhibit that will run through Saturday, March 24; (2) on March 14 from 5:30-6:30pm, Voices from the Field Presentations by Cambridge College faculty and expert guests who will explore more deeply, the impact of guns and gun violence in the lives of communities and individuals; and (3) on March 23 from 5-7pm, a Closing Reception and Performances that will give attendees an opportunity to learn more about the inspiration behind the work from the artists and the important efforts of Violence Transformed!
Class News
The students of Dr. Jaime Abreu’s Calculus II (MAT 631) course are studying the concepts of speed and acceleration associated with the position function. To contextualize these concepts, the class went beyond the classroom and took to the skies. They continued the learning by flying a drone DJI Phantom 3 Standard in the University of Puerto Rico Athletic Track. In particular they used the tool "WAYPOINTS" of autonomous programmed flights to build a function that defines discrete points in a polygon and flew over the vertices of the polygon. Norelys students Paola García Pérez, Miguel Rivera Rivera, Cynthia Torres Ramos and Isamar Torres participated in the field trip.