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Faculty News
The Springfield Technical Community College named its first ever vice president of advancement and external affairs. STCC President John B. Cook announced the appointment of Denise Hurst, of Springfield, in a campus-wide email on Nov. 7. Since 2009, Hurst has served as an elected member of the Springfield School Committee. She is a member of numerous boards, including the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Describing the new position...
Alumni News
Birdilyn Watson [MEd ‘91], a resident of New Bedford has recently released her first book, "A book of thoughts through the years." Born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, West Indies, in the parish of St. Elizabeth, to Luther and Myrtle Watson, she migrated to the Southcoast in 1969. She is the twelfth of fifteen children. Since coming to the United States, Birdilyn has earned her Master's in Management and Counseling from Cambridge College and a Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She is an ordained local elder at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in New Bedford. Birdilyn is the mother of two biological children, nine stepchildren and twenty-six grandchildren. Reading, writing, spending time with her family and preaching keeps her busy. She is now retired from the New Bedford Public School where she worked as a guidance counselor and from Commonwealth Gas and Electric Company where she worked as a customer service representative. She spends most of the winter in Jamaica. "Over the years, I've taken time to write down thoughts and ideas on paper, with the ultimate hope of producing a book or several books," the author said in her introduction. "Some are words of wisdom, while others are random thoughts. There is something for everyone." The book can be purchased by Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.