• New LMHC Licensure Changes to Affect Many
    A small window of opportunity exists to pursue a career as a Mental Health and Human Services professional under existing licensure rules.
  • Robert Goldberg Named as Koch Chair
    Cambridge College has named business executive, innovation expert and entrepreneur Robert M. Goldberg as Koch Chair, Executive in Residence, and MBA Executive Director at its School of Management.
  • The real world is your classroom at Cambridge College
    See how our undergraduate and graduate students helped a local restaurant expand its catering business through our student-run consulting group.
  • Cambridge College - Lawrence has moved!
    Our new location at 280 Merrimack Street (5th floor) in Lawrence will help us to better serve our growing student population and offer many great benefits.
  • Cambridge College Mandela Fellows in Boston Globe
    The Boston Globe published a story called “Meet the students at Cambridge College who could change Africa”
  • Cambridge College awarded Davis Educational Foundation Grant
    The grant will support development of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

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Faculty News
Professor Michael Siegell, PhD, was recently appointed Visiting Adjunct Professor at European Graduate School, Division of Arts, Health & Society, in Saas-Fee Switzerland. During his three week stay in Switzerland, Professor Siegell taught two graduate psychology courses in the Expressive Arts program, presented a keynote lecture entitled Notes on Creativity, Freedom and Identity: Soundings from a Cross Cultural Pilgrim, and performed a concert on Sitar along with his wife, for the college community.
School Spotlight
The Golden Ratio (a.k.a. Golden Mean) was discovered by the ancient Greeks and was considered a thing of great beauty. It was a ratio revered through the ages. A rectangle whose length-to-width ratio is the Golden Mean is a Golden Rectangle. I’ve read that buildings constructed in the early nineteenth century had their window dimensions...
Alumni Spotlight
Jessyca Feliciano, M.Ed. ’12, will sit on a Get Konnected! panel to discuss diversity experiences as a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Jessyca is the President of the Association of Latino Professionals For America’s (ALPFA) Boston Chapter. Congrats, Jessyca!