Quality Systems and Improvement Management  Doctor of Business Administration

The online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Quality Systems & Improvement Management combines theory and practice to prepare you for top-level executive positions.

60 Credits
Starts September 16, 2024


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DBA in Quality Systems & Improvement Management Overview

The Doctor of Business Administration quality management program provides comprehensive instruction in the business administration discipline, with a specialized focus on quality systems and improvement management (QSIM). You will learn to apply theory to real-world practice and gain advanced knowledge to solve business problems.

"Pursuing this program was the biggest achievement of my career. I joined the program as a knowledge-thirsty student and graduated as an authority in quality management. This feat was attained through many hours of blended faculty-student interactions.

Faculty and staff of Cambridge College are extremely devoted to students’ academic and professional success. I was promoted into a senior position just a year into the doctoral program and I believe it’s just getting started."

Dr. Akorfa Wuttor
DBA Graduate

Online Doctor of Business Administration Quality Management Program Highlights

The curriculum includes 10 core business courses, which allow students to learn and explore the latest business practices, research, and trends. With five additional courses for the QSIM specialty, doctoral students become experts in this field. 

Doctoral students work independently to complete assignments, conduct research, and accomplish other required academic tasks, including presenting their findings at a professional conference. DBA in QSIM students then synthesize what they learned in their coursework by conducting independent, unique, and relevant research that can inform practice in business. This results in the final deliverable of the program — the publication of a dissertation.

Online DBA Program Learning Outcomes

This program is specifically designed to enable students to be able to:

  • Organize and lead teams to solve complex problems and improve business processes
  • Communicate across all levels of an organization with confidence
  • Lead major organizational change initiatives
  • Think critically and conduct and synthesize scholarly research
  • Analyze, construct, and present a business case for senior-level decision-making
  • Develop, collect, and track executive-level dashboard metrics
  • Identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information for problem-solving and opportunity identification
  • Contribute to and foster the global competitiveness of the organization by promoting innovation, technology, and new marketing opportunities and minimizing threats
  • Lead internal and external organizational assessment

DBA in Quality Systems Management Dissertation

The DBAQSIM doctoral dissertation requires students to conduct rigorous research that generates tangible results, informs practice, and adds to the business body of knowledge. You will learn skills to conduct real-world quantitative and qualitative research in DBA 805W Research Methodologies and Scholarly Writing DBA 820W Business Research and Application, as well as in three courses specifically dedicated to preparing and guiding you through the process of writing your dissertation.

Writing a doctoral dissertation requires each student to identify an important problem of interest to the industry and apply the appropriate business theory, research methodology, and statistical rigor to draw conclusions that uniquely contribute to the general body of knowledge. The process of writing a dissertation is challenging and requires a determination and a commitment to excellence.

The program is designed so that the required courses introduce topics in different subject areas and encourage you to explore the literature and research in these different topic areas for your dissertation. The goal is for you to identify a topic that you are passionate about and a topic that is relevant and interesting to the business community. It is expected that once you complete your dissertation, you will become a valued expert in your topic.

DBA in Quality Systems and Improvement Management Tuition Information

Cost Per Credit
Total Program Tuition
Cost Per Credit$705
Credits* 60 credits
Total Program Tuition $42,300

*See curriculum sheet for a breakdown of credits and credit ranges.

Prospective doctoral degree students must satisfy the following requirements plus any program-specific requirements your program may have.

  1. Complete and sign the online application.
  2. Pay a $50 application fee by the term start date.
  3. Send official transcripts of required degree(s). See program-specific requirements for degrees required. Must be mailed directly to Cambridge College in a sealed, unopened envelope. Learn How to Send Transcripts
  4. Satisfy Health Insurance & Immunization requirements. These are required only for graduate/doctoral students taking six or more credits per term in Massachusetts that are on-campus or hybrid. Health insurance may be waived.
  5. Ensure you have internet access, and a fully functional laptop or desktop computer that can play audio and video and access Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint).
  6. Fulfill any additional admissions requirements that are specific to your program.

Note: Your admission file must be complete and accepted before financial aid may be awarded, before transfer credit may be evaluated and before you may register for courses.

Program-Specific Requirements

In addition to the doctorate requirements, this program requires:

  • Earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from accredited colleges or universities recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Essay (approximately one to two pages) describing how the program will assist you in achieving your personal and/or professional goals
  • Current resume (reflecting at least 8 years of work experience)
  • Personal interview, generally conducted via telephone.

The Program Chair or other qualified College administrator will evaluate and approve applications to ensure that admissions requirements have been satisfied. For good cause shown, institutional admission requirements may be waived or altered at the discretion of and upon written approval by the Program Chair.

Quality Management Careers

Upon successful completion of the DBA in QSIM, graduates will possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve as quality systems & improvement management experts at senior levels.

This includes top-level executive positions like chief quality officer or vice president of quality, along with roles in consulting that utilize the measurement of quality initiatives. This degree also prepares you for university teaching positions.

Jobs in Quality Systems & Improvement Management

DBA students are practitioner-scholars who will be prepared to qualify for top-level executive positions in business or university teaching positions.

Faculty Spotlight

Marie C. Gerardin

Marie C. Gerardin


Course Developer and Professor

Dr. Marie Gerardin is deemed a learned scholar in international law, the global regulatory environment, and corporate accountability. She has taught for well over a decade at Cambridge College and University of Edinburgh Law School.

Gurbachan (Guru) S. Chadha

Gurbachan (Guru) S. Chadha


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Guru Chadha is a passionate and experienced higher education faculty member designing and teaching Doctoral, Master's, Bachelor's, and Certificate programs in Quality Systems Management in general and Lean, Six Sigma, and Project Management in particular. Dr. Chadha is a trainer and teacher with a passion for creating and delivering engaging and meaningful adult learning experiences. Dr. Chadha is a lifelong learner and practitioner of experience-driven leadership development. Dr. Chadha...

Articulation Agreement with CSU

Cambridge College has an articulation agreement with California State University - Domingo Hills to accept certain courses from CSU's Master of Science Quality Assurance toward CCG's Doctor of Business Administration - Quality Systems and Improvement Management program.