Cambridge College offers the following modalities. Each program may have one or more modality options. See program pages for details.

Program ModalityDefinitionOn-campusScheduled class times
On-campusAttend classes at a specific campus location.YesYes
Remote (Zoom)Attend classes remotely (e.g., via Zoom) at scheduled times (usually nights and weekends). You can interact with the faculty and class in real time.NoYes
Online (async)Participate in classes online whenever and wherever convenient for you to meet course objectives and complete assignments each week (classes are asynchronous).NoNo
HybridAttend some mix of on-campus, remote or online classes.See belowSee below
Hybrid Program OptionsDefinitionOn-campusScheduled class times
Hybrid/campus+remoteAttend a mix of on-campus and remote classes.SomeYes
Hybrid/remote+onlineAttend a mix of remote and online classes.NoSome
Hybrid/campus+onlineAttend a mix of on-campus and online classes.SomeSome
Hybrid/allAttend a mix of on-campus, remote and online classes.SomeSome