• The Boston Economy
    Join us for the next installment of CC Talks with George Donnelly, author of The Boston Economy: Understanding and Accessing the One of the World’s Greatest Job Markets.
  • Dean James Lee presents in China
    Dean of Undergraduate Studies James Lee delivered a presentation on harbor cleanup to some of China's foremost marine researchers and scientists, using Boston Harbor as an example of success.
  • Closing the Gender Wage Gap
    Cambridge College has joined the Boston Women's Compact to close the gender wage gap.
  • Santiago Méndez-Hernández honored by Rotary International
    Rotary International/Guaynabo Club recognized the Cambridge College - Puerto Rico Director for his longstanding commitment to community service.
  • We get it!
    As an adult learner, you have to balance work and home with school. For over 45 years, Cambridge College has been a pioneer in higher education for adult learners like you.
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Lawrence
    On October 20th, 2016 Cambridge College Lawrence held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their new state-of-the-art campus at The Riverwalk.
  • Five years. Two degrees. One school.
    Now you can get your BS and MBA in 5 years! Introducing our Accelerated BS to MBA program, designed to get you on the path to success faster.
  • The real world is your classroom at Cambridge College
    See how our undergraduate and graduate students helped a local restaurant expand its catering business through our student-run consulting group.

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School Spotlight
If you have a triangular room whose floor needs tiling you are not going to find area using one-half base times height. For starters, how will you determine where the altitude intersects the base? This is easy if dealing with a right triangle, but not if your room is in the shape of a “wrong” one. Being realistic, the only useful measurements are of the room’s three sides. To get the job done, what is needed is a formula finding area using side measurements and not base and height. Fortunately, such a formula exists—Heron’s formula.
Alumni Spotlight
When Emerson Stamps, MEd '78, was in the Army, stationed in England during the lead-up to the D-Day invasion, mail kept arriving from his mother in Kansas. Even at that distance he felt protected by her thoughts. “I was never afraid that I was going to get killed or going to get hurt or anything,” he said in a June 26, 2015, interview for the Natick Veterans Oral History Project. “My mother sent me letters every week saying she was praying for me. She was very spiritual and religious and I believed her. I didn’t think anything would happen...."
Student News
Ms. Kristen Fleury, MEd candidate in the School of Education, recently shared her Independent Learning Project, "Women in STEM: A Study in the Urban Setting" at the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers Convention. She is pictured with CC Alumnus Craig Richard who is currently on the executive board at MAST. Kristen is currently a middle school science teacher at Milton Middle School.