Cambridge campus at 17 Monsignor O'Brien is OPEN on Sunday 3/26
Posted 3/25/17 4:30pm

The Cambridge College campus at 17 Monsignor O'Brien in Cambridge, MA will be OPEN on Sunday, March 26th.   Classes scheduled on Sunday will resume their normal schedule.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this time.

College Administration

Deans Council

Gilda Gely, PhD - Associate Provost 

Catherine Koverola, PhD - Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mary Ann Joseph, PhD - Dean, School of Management

Nelleen Chandler Knight, MS, CAGS - Academic Affairs Chief of Staff

James Lee, MA - Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies

Regina Robinson, MA - Dean of Student Affairs

Niti Seth, EdD - Dean, School of Psychology & Counseling

Sheila Wright, PhD - Dean, School of Education

Management Council

Includes Executive Leadership Council and Dean's Council (above) and the following:

Amy Cavelier, MM - Registrar

Rita Clemons, MAM, Director of CC-Southern California

Sonnya L. Morales, MA - Director of Institutional Support

Teresa Forte, MBA - Director of CC-Springfield

Melissa Sue Frasca, BA - Assistant Director of CC-Lawrence

Gilda Gely, PhD - Associate Provost

Sabrina Harlan, MM - Director of Student Financial Services

Achal Khatri, BS - Information Technology Director

Francis Lauder, MS - Financial Aid Director

Carol Lombardi, MA - Director of Admissions

Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, PhD - Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Robyn Shahid-Bellot, MEd - Director of Student Academic Support Services