COVID-19 Updates
Updated July 23, 2021

The Massachusetts Return to Campus information has been updated. See details. 

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College Administration

Deans Council

Mary Garrity, EdD - Interim Dean, School of Education

James Lee, EdD - Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies

Michael Marrapodi, EdD - Dean of Online Programming

Regina Robinson, MA - Dean of Student Affairs

Niti Seth, EdD - Dean, School of Psychology & Counseling

Donna Viens, PhD - Dean, CC Global


Management Council

Includes Executive Leadership Council and Dean's Council (above) and the following:

John Beahm, Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Paula Bramante - Director E-Learning, CC Global

Amy Cavelier, MM - Registrar

Rita Clemons, MAM - Director of CC-Southern California

Brian Coole - Senior Director, Advancement

Michael Dickinson, MA - Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising

Teresa Forte, MBA - Executive Director of CC-Springfield

Christina Griecci - Director, Student Financial Services

Howard Horton - Executive Director, CC Global

Achal Khatri, MBA - Information Technology Director

Nelleen Chandler Knight, MS, CAGS - Academic Affairs Chief of Staff

Francis Lauder, MS - Financial Aid Director

Dennis Madigan - Director, Finance and Administration, CC Global

Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, PhD - Associate Provost for Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, Title III Grant Activity Director

Santiago Mendez, EdD - Director of CC-Puerto Rico

Joseph Miglio, EdD - Director, Academic Compliance

Alex Morr, MBA - Director of Strategic Partnerships

Melissa Sue Padilla, MEd - Director of CC-Lawrence

Robyn Shahid-Bellot, MEd, MBA - Senior Director of Systems Integration

Maria Vasallo - Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy

Dorothy Whalen - Controller

Brooks Winchell - Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching