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Changing Programs

When thinking about changing your program, your course load, enrollment status, or taking a leave, we recommend students check with their academic advisor or seminar leader, the Financial Aid Office and Registrar’s Office to learn about the academic and administrative procedures needed.

Change of Program or Major

Students who wish to change programs or majors while remaining in the same degree program, must complete the Change Program form and obtain all required signatures. For example, students who wish to change from a master of management to a master of education need to complete the Change Program form. They do not need to reapply using the admissions application.

Students should consider a change of program carefully and explore the financial and academic implications such as:

  • Meet with your current academic advisor, the chair of your new program, and the academic dean to discuss the change and get approval
  • Different programs may require additional courses, time, effort, and expense
  • Transfer credits accepted may differ.
  • Financial aid rules and awards may differ

Note: all students receiving financial aid must see a financial aid officer before making any programmatic change or any changes in the total number of credits taken in a term.

Students who do not receive financial aid are encouraged to meet with the bursar to address financial implications of their change. If the completed form is received by the dean of the student’s school before the add/drop deadline, the change takes effect in the current term. Changes completed later in the term take effect in the following term.