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Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership Certificate

Program Description

The Perrone-Sizer Institute (PSi) for Creative Leadership is a post-baccalaureate certificate program that prepares emerging leaders to continuously apply a creative, adaptive approach to challenges and engage in meaningful collaboration with other leaders and organizations to help students and families flourish. By developing leaders from the perspectives of Educator, Artist, and Community leaders, PSi builds the skills, capacity, and confidence to lead innovative, democratic, urban schools that prioritize student agency, family engagement, and community partnership, championing access, equity, and diversity.

This certificate is offered through a partnership between Cambridge College and the Perrone-Sizer Institute and is taught by Cambridge College faculty who are scholar-practitioners. In addition to working in their field, lead faculty serve as program coordinators and help guide curriculum for the program.

This certificate is comprised of in-seat and hybrid courses.

Learning Outcomes

Students will build their competency across the following leadership practices:

  • Anti-racism—continually confronting racism, in self and in others, policies, systems; a contender in the fight for racial justice; centering voices of the global majority; learning from individuals as well as scholarship; embracing intersectionality.
  • Community Mobilization—advocating and organizing for systemic change; convening the community around common values, a common mission, and a dynamic strategy.
  • Continuous Reflection—seeking the community’s expertise and growing in self-knowledge by consciously considering our own experiences, actions, feelings, and responses and our impact on the individuals, groups, and systems in which we engage and lead; broadening this reflection to accurately and continually diagnose the dynamic needs of those individuals, groups, and systems.
  • Creativity—engaging, risking, experimenting, and persisting; using a design thinking approach to address complex challenges.
  • Effective Communication—listening and communicating regularly, proactively, clearly, and inspirationally to engage hearts and minds for action.
  • Ethics—exhibiting moral courage; practicing sound management and transparency; embracing human imperfection and uncertainty in the service of justice.
  • Informed Instruction—demonstrating data-driven and performance-based instructional leadership and deep commitment to the academic/intellectual/social/emotional/civic/ professional development of youth and adults.


PSi prepares emerging school and youth-focused nonprofit leaders to take the next step in leadership, whether as a school principal, assistant principal, teacher leader, or nonprofit executive. PSi provides extensive coaching so that interested participants complete the Massachusetts Performance Assessment for Leaders (PAL), a requirement for principal licensure.

PSi graduates join an expanding network of alumni who bring new innovations and improvements in achievement and well-being to the 21,000+ young people they serve each year. They report an increased sense of agency in their work, seeing themselves as actors catalyzing institutional change in both positional and nonpositional roles. Our graduates are turning around schools, reviving nonprofits, addressing unmet student needs, and knitting together vibrant cohorts of parents and teachers, neighbors and nonprofits focused on student achievement and helping their communities thrive.


15 credits total

Term 1

ADM 610 - PSI Research Design

ADM 686A - PMI Part-time Practicum in Educational Administration

Term 2

ADM 603 - Organizational Change

ADM 686B - PMI Part-time Practicum in Educational Administration

Term 3

ADM 606 - Sociocultural Change

ADM 655 - Advanced Seminar in Supervision and Evaluation


This year-long program runs from August through June. It includes a 15-day August intensive and monthly one- or two-day class sessions (four days in April) and two monthly evening sessions.

The application deadline is April 26, 2023 for the 2023-24 cohort.


The cost of the entire one-year program is $5,000. 

Students have the option of earning up to 15 credits from Cambridge College that can be applied toward a Master’s Degree in Education or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS). The cost for the graduate credits is $5,000.

Admission requirements

You will be asked to upload your resume/curriculum vitae and your personal statement as part of the application. You must also provide contact information for two professional references, one of whom should be your supervisor.

This program has been approved for financial aid.


For participants seeking to qualify for Massachusetts principal licensure, PSi provides significant coaching support to complete PAL Tasks at no additional cost.

Participants seeking to qualify for Massachusetts principal licensure are also required to arrange their own placement in a 500 hour apprenticeship under the supervision of a licensed principal in a Massachusetts public or charter school.

Program subject to change.

Program contact: Sung-Joon Pai, sung-joon.pai79@go.cambridgecollege.edu

Program chair: David Flynn, david.flynn@cambridgecollege.edu

For a printable version, download the Program Sheet PDF


If you have questions or wish to apply to this program, please contact:

Rudolph Thomas