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SARA / Online Students Complaint System

Thank you for enrolling at Cambridge College. Cambridge College is a private nonprofit institution, approved to operate in Massachusetts by the Department of Higher Education.

You are encouraged to review the academic catalog, the student handbook, and the College’s complaint processes.

For Massachusetts Residents and Online Students in  Non-SARA Member States and Territories 

After you have exhausted Cambridge College complaint procedures, if your complaint has not been resolved, you may file a consumer complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education by using the consumer complaint form. The DHE consumer complaint form should be used by students who are located in: 

  • Massachusetts 
  • Non-SARA Member States or Territories (e.g., California, Guam, etc.—check to see if you reside in a SARA member state

For Online Students Located in SARA Member States and Territories 

After you have exhausted Cambridge College complaint procedures, if your complaint has not been resolved, you may file a complaint with the DHE by using the SARA complaint form. The DHE SARA complaint form should be used by students who are located in SARA member states and territories. This includes all students who are located in SARA member states and territories for the purposes of completing out-of-state learning placements, such as internships, practica, clinical experiences, etc. in SARA member states and territories outside Massachusetts. 

Additional information from the DHE’s SARA complaint website is below:  

The SARA complaint process is as follows: 

  1. Students must first attempt to resolve their complaint using internal administrative procedures offered by the SARA institution.
  2. After all administrative remedies have been exhausted with the MA-SARA institution, the student may submit a SARA Complaint via the URL below.
  3. The Department shall send a copy of the complaint to the institution that is the subject of the complaint.
  4. Within 30 days of the date that the Department sends a copy of the complaint to the institution, the institution must provide a written response to the student and the Department. 

More information about DHE’s complaint processes can be found here.