Registration Holds

"Holds" That Hinder Students From Registering

Financial Holds

FA Financial Aid Hold: Student Financial Services
Phone: 617-873-0403
Fax: 617-873-0270

Reasons for hold: There are missing documents from your financial aid file and or your financial aid is still in process. Please check your account online to see what is needed to finalize your financial aid award.

BO, BR Business Office Hold or Business Registration Hold:
Student Financial Services
Phone: 617- 873-0403
Fax: 617-873-0270

Reasons for hold:

  • You have a balance with the College which must be paid.
  • You have a payment plan; the balance must be paid before the hold will be removed.
  • You have third party billing in effect and payment may be due.

Academic Holds

Students should speak with their academic advisor or regional site director to discuss and resolve an academic hold.

AB Academic Hold - Bachelors School of Undergraduate Studies 617-873-0547

AE Academic Hold - Education (Graduate) School of Education 617-873-0130

AP Academic Hold - Counseling Psychology (Graduate) School of Psychology and Counseling 617-873-0248

AM Academic Hold - Management (Graduate) School of Management 617-873-0424

Academic Hold - CAGS - School of Education or School of Psychology and Counseling (see numbers above)

Other Holds

GP Graduation Clearance Pending Hold: Registrar’s Office
Phone: 617-873-0101
Fax: 617-242-0026

Reasons for hold: The Registrar places a GP hold on your record when you submit an Intent to Graduate form for the upcoming graduation, and it ensures that you will be among the students audited for graduation. This hold will be removed at the close of the Registrar’s graduation clearance for the current term. Hold is applied shortly before online registration for the following term opens, and it will prevent you from registering. If you do not intend to complete your degree program requirements this term, please update your anticipated graduation date with the Registrar’s Office, which can remove the hold so that you may register for the upcoming term.

IN International Hold—120 Form: International Student Office
Phone: 617-873-0142

Reasons for hold: This hold will be removed and the student will be allowed to register for courses once the DSO has met face to face with the international student and has given the student the I-20 form.

WL Withdrawal/Leave Hold: Registrar’s Office

Reasons for hold: The Registrar places a W/L hold on your account if you have withdrawn permanently or temporarily. To return within 5 years, please submit the Returning Student Reinstatement Form. If you are returning after 5 years or wish to switch schools, (changing from an MEd in Education to an MEd in Psychology and Counseling for example), you must reapply through Admissions.

If you attend a Regional Center outside Boston, Massachusetts, and need additional information, please contact the site director for assistance.

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