Student Holds

A hold may be placed on a student’s record for admissions, academics, graduation, business, financial-aid, disciplinary or immunization reasons. A hold may prevent a student from registering for courses. If a hold is placed on a student record, when the student enters her/his user ID and password into MyCC, the student will see a description of the hold and contact information, so that the student can remedy the situation. Registration will not be possible until all holds are reconciled and removed.

To protect a student from losing financial aid funds or being unable to pay for additional courses, each term, after the close of the add/drop period, the college may place a hold on all student accounts. This hold may be lifted once the student has made satisfactory payment arrangements with the Financial Aid or Business office.

The immunization hold is placed on the accounts of full-time, Massachusetts-resident students who have not presented completed immunization forms to the College, in accordance with Massachusetts law. If a student to whom this is applicable should fail to submit complete immunization forms by the end of the Add/Drop Period of the current term, the student will be disenrolled.

Placement of Holds

In order to register each term, the student must receive a clearance from the Bursar’s Office. If satisfactory arrangements for tuition payments are not made, a business hold (BR) will be applied to the student account. If a student has not completed the financial aid process, then a financial hold (FA) will be applied to the student record. Holds will be placed two weeks before registration opens. Students will be notified by e-mail through their MyCC e-mail accounts or by letter through U.S. mail.

Removal of Holds

An automated process will run on a nightly basis removing any financial hold when a student account balance is zero. Any other holds will be removed manually on an individual basis once the condition has been ameliorated. Only the Director of Financial Aid, the Bursar or the Registrar (or staff members of those offices with written authorization) may remove holds.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation:
Provost, Dean of Enrollment Management, Director of Admissions, Registrar

Date of Last Revision: October 2011