Posted 2/18 @ 8:05AM

REMINDER:  Due to the weather conditions, all CLASSES IN ALL CC-MA locations, including BOSTON, LAWRENCE AND SPRINGFIELD WILL START at 10:00 AM TODAY 2/18/18.  

All CC-MA locations will open at 10:00 am today, 2/18/18.  Check your CC emails, MyCC, the website and social media for periodic updates.   Please use your best judgement when determining whether to travel today and drive safely.   Thank you.

Western Massachusetts Veterans Stand-Down 2013

On October 4, 2013, Cambridge College - Springfield joined with the Western MA Bilingual Veteran’s Outreach Center to participate in the annual Western MA Veterans Stand-Down.  In the military, a “Stand-Down” is a time when soldiers return from the field to get resupplied and prepared to be sent back out into the field.  In a similar manner, the Western MA Veterans Stand-Down gives veterans a chance to come and participate in an all-day event where they can learn about services available to them, receiving in many cases the immediate services they need. 

The participants received free breakfast and lunch in addition to receiving services from more than 50 service organizations. Cambridge College - Springfield  was proud to present an opportunity for veterans, and was one of only two colleges in the area represented, and the only college offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees to the veterans of Western MA.