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Professor Seward Hunter Retires

Professor Seward Hunter
Professor Seward Hunter

It is with sadness we report that our colleague and friend, Professor Seward Hunter, is retiring from teaching in the Cambridge College School of Psychology & Counseling, where he has been Senior Instructor from 2001 to the present.  Prof. Hunter was also a senior clinician at both Codman Square Health Center in Dorchester and at The Home For Little Wanderers in Roslindale.  He also has a thriving private practice near Harvard Square in Cambridge. He is also the Director of choir at Emmanuel Temple Pentecostal Church in Roxbury and has directed choirs over 40 years since being in the Greater Boston Area.  

Seward reflected, “My life has been a thrilling experience and I am grateful for the many wonderful people I have known and worked with as clients, colleagues and coworkers, and various other capacities. As I move into another part of my life span (or life cycle), I do so with much enthusiasm and appreciation for a life richly lived.”   

"My time teaching at the College has been wonderful and exciting and I will miss it," Seward continued. "I've had many students contact me over the past year and thank me for my courses and how valuable they were to them. I also let them know how valuable teaching and working with them was for me. I am grateful for them and think this is a wonderful time to bring this chapter in my life to a close. Thanks for all you have done for me, and I wish you a terrific school year."

Niti Seth, Dean of the School of Pscychology & Counseling commented, "Seward was at the forefront for diversity and racial equity in SOPC. We are grateful to him for his contributions to the College and for all the lives he has transformed over the years through his teaching, clinical work, mentorship, and colleagueship."