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"Mismeasure of Education" hits shelves

"Mismeasure of Education" by Dr. Jim Horn

Dr. Jim Horn, Core Faculty in the School of Education at Cambridge College, released his first book, "Mismeasure of Education."  The book examines the ideological and historical rounding, potential benefits, scholarly evidence, and ethical basis for the new generation of test based accountability measures.

"When the Obama Administration decided to spend the billions it got for schools as part of the stimulus package to launch the Race to the Top program and the NCLB waivers, forcing many states to adopt teacher evaluation based on changes in student test scores, leading experts warned that this “value added” system did not have a reliable scientific basis and would often lead to false conclusions. This sobering and important study of the long experience with this system in Tennessee (where it was invented) shows that it did not work, was unfair, and took attention away from other more fundamental issues." Gary Orfield Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA, Co-Director, Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles, UCLA.

Published by Information Age Publishers "Mismeasure of Education" is available on amazon.com.