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Karyn Glemaud-Anis [BS '11] publishes her first children's book

Karyn Glemaud-Anis [BS '11] is a newly-published children's book author.
Karyn Glemaud-Anis [BS '11] is a newly-published children's book author.

We are excited to share that Cambridge College alum Karyn Glemaud-Anis [B.S. '11] has recently published her first children's book, titled Mommy's New Friend.

Her book is semi-autobiographical and tells the story of Maxx, a school-aged boy whose special bond with his mother is challenged when she meets a 'new friend.'  

According to the the book's description: "Young Maxx deals with the raw feelings in this uniquely told story of the start of a modern blended family in real-life situations. Single-mothers will find a helpful and useful way to introduce their children to the possibility of having a new partner, while obtaining understanding and validation in their youngsters (more-than-likely) apprehensive feelings."

Glemaud-Anis based her book on her real-life story as a single, Haitian-American mother who found love and eventually marriage with a new friend who helped expand her family into a lovely septet.  

Mommy's New Friend is available for purchase now on Amazon.