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I teach. I am making a difference. I am irreplaceable.

Cambridge College Memphis Regional Center recognizes recent graduates Erica Bryant-Saulsberry and Lakisha Wade, Distinguished Irreplaceable Teacher Award Recipients 2012-2013 Memphis City Schools.

"I teach. I am leading the change," is one of the many slogans for the Memphis City School's initiative to recognize and celebrate educators who are making a difference in the Memphis City School system. Teachers nominate and vote for their colleagues based on the quality of their day-to-day contributions to teaching, learning, and student achievement.

The "I teach. I am" campaign can be seen throughout Memphis on buses, bus shelters, transits, billboards, websites, and schools. The 2012 Prestige Award ceremony held September 11, 2012 at the Memphis Botanic Garden was a part of the campaign. The umbrella for it all is the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative – a district-wide commitment to dramatically improve student growth and achievement by ensuring that a well-prepared, highly effective professional instructor is in every classroom.

Erica Bryant-Saulsberry, a Westside Middle School winner, said she was new to the school and "had no idea the work I was doing impacted other teachers." She credits the "I teach. I am" campaign for positively affecting the climate among teachers and students at her school. "The environment has changed around the school, teachers are doing more," said Bryant.