Cambridge campus at 17 Monsignor O'Brien is OPEN on Sunday 3/26
Posted 3/25/17 4:30pm

The Cambridge College campus at 17 Monsignor O'Brien in Cambridge, MA will be OPEN on Sunday, March 26th.   Classes scheduled on Sunday will resume their normal schedule.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this time.

I teach. I am making a difference. I am irreplaceable.

Cambridge College Memphis Regional Center recognizes recent graduates Erica Bryant-Saulsberry and Lakisha Wade, Distinguished Irreplaceable Teacher Award Recipients 2012-2013 Memphis City Schools.

"I teach. I am leading the change," is one of the many slogans for the Memphis City School's initiative to recognize and celebrate educators who are making a difference in the Memphis City School system. Teachers nominate and vote for their colleagues based on the quality of their day-to-day contributions to teaching, learning, and student achievement.

The "I teach. I am" campaign can be seen throughout Memphis on buses, bus shelters, transits, billboards, websites, and schools. The 2012 Prestige Award ceremony held September 11, 2012 at the Memphis Botanic Garden was a part of the campaign. The umbrella for it all is the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative – a district-wide commitment to dramatically improve student growth and achievement by ensuring that a well-prepared, highly effective professional instructor is in every classroom.

Erica Bryant-Saulsberry, a Westside Middle School winner, said she was new to the school and "had no idea the work I was doing impacted other teachers." She credits the "I teach. I am" campaign for positively affecting the climate among teachers and students at her school. "The environment has changed around the school, teachers are doing more," said Bryant.