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Hernandez Seeks State Representative Post

Cambridge College Alumni Camilo Hernandez

Camilo Hernandez officially announces his candidacy for State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District.  The following is his statement:

“It is a pleasure to announce my candidacy as State Representative for the 1st Suffolk District (East Boston). It is time that the voices of the residents are heard. It is time that our community has access to the resources regardless of their ethnic background or their economic status. We are a diverse community and we need diverse resources. It is time for legislation to be done by listening to our community first. At the office in Beacon Hill I will write legislation, but the real work is done here, in our community, listening to the issues of our residents.”

Camilo Hernandez is known in East Boston for working as a liaison for Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina since 2010. Camilo arrived to the United States at the age of 20 as a professional tennis player only speaking Spanish. However, he realized that it is essential to know the English language in order to have a better understanding of his new environment. Throughout the years he not only learned English fluently, but also Italian.

In Bogota, Colombia, Camilo attended La Salle University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a certificate in TV Production before transferring to United States. Once in Boston, he acquired Business English Certificate from Harvard Extension School, an Associate Degree from Roxbury Community College, and a Bachelor Degree of Management from Cambridge College.

Even though he enjoyed playing tennis, Camilo listened to his heart and followed his late father’s footsteps. His father served the constituents as one of the Mayor’s cabinet member in his town, taught him that leaders are people with actions not words; his last words were “when you invest in people the outcome is priceless”.

For the last 12 years Camilo has been an active member in the community, participated and organized neighborhood programs at Piers Park Sailing Center, Zumix, Mario Umana Academy School, as well as shared his passion for tennis by teaching the game to children via the Tenacity program. Camilo has served on the boards of the YMCA, NOAH (Neighborhood of Affordable Housing) and Paris Street Community Center. In addition, he has worked closely with the various immigrant communities, in particular the American Latino.

When Camilo naturalized as a US citizen, he took the oath of allegiance of the United States of America seriously. He feels it is his responsibility as an American Citizen to help, contribute, challenge, support, guide, invest, and love his community.

By working for the city of Boston, walking the streets and talking to locals, Camilo has been able to understand the issues of the neighborhood. His main reasons that motivated him to run for office are the families, the youth, LGBTs, seniors, veterans and business owners who represent East Boston. His drive for inclusive policies aims to represent the voices of the youth, seniors, business owners, working class, and underrepresented people’s of East Boston.

Camilo lives with his wife Eszter Bukvai and their newborn daughter Gabriela.