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Communiversity with NECC

cambridge college and necc
Strategic partnership announced between Cambridge College and Northern Essex Community College


Cambridge College and Northern Essex Community College launch new “Communiversity” relationship model for summer 2017 term.

The Communiversity model established with Northern Essex Community College (NECC) enables students to earn their associate and bachelor’s degrees at NECC through this new strategic partnership between the two colleges.  Cambridge College and NECC have collaborated to offer associate-to-bachelor’s degree programs in Early Childhood Education and Care, Healthcare Management, Human Services, and Wellness and Health.  Under the umbrella of this relationship, Cambridge College also seeks to explore opportunities to extend the benefits of this collaboration to students who pursue master’s degrees directly related to the approved offerings


Cambridge College and Northern Essex Community College will work together to provide students a seamless academic progression from one school to the next; to simplify the transfer of credits required for NECC students to complete their Baccalaureate degree in two or less years; and to provide a generous tuition discount to ensure that the program is affordable and accessible to the greatest number of NECC students.