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CC Applauds Precious Taylor-Clifton

Cambridge College – Southern California salutes Precious Taylor-Clifton. Precious graduated with a Masters from Hunter College in New York City with permanent certification in Guidance and Counseling in 2004. She received her Administration and Supervisor Certificate and credential from Long Island University in 2005. In addition, she obtained a California Clear Administrative Services Credential in 2007 where she currently resides. She is presently at the ABD level of her Doctorate in Instructional Leadership and Organizational Leadership with a minor in Charter School Education, pending graduation June 2014 from Nova Southeastern University.

At the beginning of her teaching career in elementary school, Precious was asked to start a new chapter science program that the district wanted to implement, in conjunction with the mandatory Science curriculum.  It was called “The Young Astronauts Program” and was designed to help students become interested in space systems. She won the award for that program in 2002-2004, which was the first two years of inception of the program. In 2002 and 2003 she received the guidance counselor of the year award from a student body of over 850 pupils. Precious received the Parents’ Award from over 300 parents that were on the Executive Parents’ Association Board. They realized that she was a different kind of supporter of children. They understood her commitment to all of the students and they extended the Parents Association President Executive Council Award to her in 2004. This was the highest honor that anyone had ever received from the association.

Precious is a member of Cambridge Who’s Who in Education. Cambridge members are a select group of individuals who are leaders in their respective industries. She was published in the “Who’s Who in Education for years 2008- 2010 for her contribution to education.  In 2012, she received a certificate of completion from the Aspire Academy Training that increases the capacity of community-based nonprofits that deliver culturally appropriate and effective services throughout the County of San Bernardino.

Precious is Founder and CEO of a non-profit business in her community called H.E.A.R.T.S (Helping Hands Academic Resource Teaching Services) which services all age groups that are determined to enter or re-enter the college arena. She recognized the dire need for education in her area, and in lieu of working full time, she is committed to the business of helping others reach their dream. Her organization has given support and resources to over 100 families. H.E.A.R.T.S received recognition in 2012 from the Mayor and the Senator of San Bernardino for improving the quality of life for youth and adults, as well as providing services that will succeed in developing productive men and women of society.

Her greatest reward is to see parent and child attend school together. This is what she believes changes the lives of a family forever. H.E.A.R.T.S offers monthly workshops that include career planning, college prep, guidance counseling, individual mentoring, math and English tutoring, and financial aid counseling assistance.  At the request of the client, the organization will also assume the role of liaison between the student and the school counselor of the college of the client’s choice.

Recently, Precious has assumed the role of Director of Curricula and Instruction for a project that the church is implementing, which will attempt to get youth off the streets by instilling a sense of self-worth, and competency by using education as the avenue of success. Over the past 10 years, social issues of low income, high unemployment rates, and falling below the federal poverty line in the city of San Bernardino has escalated.  In addition, children from these homes are from the most socially deprived environments. Education in this city, unfortunately, has become a kind of one-size-fits all processing institution. The program that is being established by Precious will achieve to fill this gap.