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Cambridge College graduate to lead Provost Academy

Stephanie Cagle
Stephanie Cagle

Stephanie Cagle, who has led Provost Academy South Carolina over the past year in an interim role, has been named the new Executive Director of the public online high school.

“In her time with Provost Academy, Stephanie Cagle has displayed a unique capacity for leadership and vision in the use of online education technology to provide students with a unique individualized learning experience,” said Mike Guarino, Chairman of the Provost Academy Board of Directors. “Stephanie’s passion for and commitment to the success of our students is a clear indication that she is the person to lead the school going forward.”

With nearly twenty years of experience as a professional educator, Ms. Cagle has served as a guidance counselor, assistant principal, special education teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Director of Special Education. Before joining Provost Academy, she worked at the South Carolina Public Charter School District office as the District Special Education Director.

“Today’s high school students learn much differently than students did just ten years ago,” Ms. Sherman observed. “Interaction with technology - be it computers, the internet, or cell phones – students are clearly benefitting from an education, like the one they receive at Provost Academy, that utilizes stimulating virtual curriculum designed specifically for them.”

Executive Director Cagle is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where she earned a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's in Counseling. She also earned a Master's from Cambridge College in Educational Administration.

As a state-authorized public online high school, Provost Academy is tuition-free to residents of South Carolina. Nearly 1,000 students are currently enrolled in the school, and working toward their regular public high school diploma. Provost Academy’s unique individualized learning experience combines a rigorous curriculum with a personal high-touch approach to help students achieve their goals.

Last month, Provost Academy also opened The Learning Center, which is a hybrid learning environment that fuses both virtual and traditional school settings. The Learning Center is located at 200 Arbor Lake Drive in Columbia, and accommodates 100 students daily.

The Learning Center provides students, who are enrolled in Provost’s online school, with one-on-one instruction in language arts and math courses. Here they are afforded the opportunity to complete their course work on-site in a computer lab with the assistance of instructors, and receive character education and career training through Provost’s guidance counselors - thus creating a “click & brick” learning environment.

“Students who enjoy the flexibility of learning in a virtual setting, but need more hands-on assistance, can now receive the personal attention they need to succeed academically,” said Ms. Cagle. “The Learning Center offers a brick and mortar setting, with the flexibility of a virtual school program. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

For more information about Provost Academy South Carolina, and The Learning Center, call  877-265-3195.