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College Refund Policies

General Policy

Tuition may be refunded. No other charges are refundable.

Financial aid repayment/return. Title IV financial aid or state scholarship monies are subject to federal regulations. See Repayment of Federal Funds or Repayment of Massachusetts Funds.

Refund. Students who paid current tuition charges themselves (not from federal or state aid) are eligible for refund of current term charges paid as follows:

Date of Withdrawal        Refund
Before add/drop deadline (within first two weeks of term) 100%
During third week of term 75%
During fourth week of term 50%
During fifth week of term 25%
Thereafter  0%


Date of Withdrawal from Intensive Courses     Refund
Prior to beginning of term 100%
During and after week one 75%
During and after week two 25%
Week three and thereafter 0%

Excess Funds

In accordance with federal regulations, excess funds from federal financial aid, over and above current charges, cannot be held without written authorization from the student.