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Vacation Time

Updated November 2018

The College shall provide all full time, benefit eligible employees with 20 days of vacation each fiscal year.  Part-time employees working 20 hours or more per week will earn vacation days on a pro-rata basis.

Vacation time will accrue monthly at a rate of 11.67 hours. Vacations must be requested by the employee and approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor and will not be unreasonably withheld.  Non-exempt employees are required to report their vacation time taken on a weekly basis.  Exempt employees are required to report vacation time taken on a semi-monthly basis (even if none taken).  Employees are expected to utilize their vacation days in the fiscal year earned, however they may carry over no more than 5 days into the next fiscal year.  Employees are required to ensure all time off reports are completed by September 10th of the calendar year in order to carry over 5 days.

The value of accrued, unused vacation days shall be paid upon termination of employment with the College.  With the approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor, which will not be unreasonably withheld, an employee may borrow up to 5 vacation days prior to accruing vacation time.  The employee must agree, however, in writing to repay the College the value of the borrowed time if the employee terminates his/her employment with the College for any reason prior to accruing the borrowed time.  The repayment shall be made from any amount due the employee upon termination and if no such payment is due, the employee will re-pay the College directly upon termination.