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Transferring Credits - Undergraduate Programs

Student must be accepted into a specific degree and concentration for transfer credit to be evaluated. The following general criteria will guide the evaluation process.

Courses - General Criteria

  • Course credits must be earned at a regionally or nationally accredited degree granting institution of higher learning.
  • For courses not included as part of an earned associate’s degree, only grades of C (2.0) or better are considered, and such courses must meet program distribution requirements.
  • Professional development courses (PD) and continuing education units (CEU) are not eligible for transfer
  • Associate’s degrees from regionally or nationally accredited institutions are accepted in their entirety at 60-69 semester hours, including only the courses actually required for the degree.
  • A maximum of 90 semester hours from a regionally or nationally accredited degree granting institution of higher learning may be accepted, provided the coursework meets Cambridge College degree/program distribution requirements.
  • Students must complete at least one-fourth of their undergraduate credits )30 semester hours), including substantial advanced work in the major or concentration, at Cambridge College.

Standardized Examinations

  • Credits earned through standardized examinations (DANTES, DSST, CLEP and AP) may be accepted and will be recorded as transfer credits.
  • Credits earned through school-specific testing are not eligible for transfer.
  • Credits earned through standardized exams may replace major requirements only at the discretion of the program chair or academic dean.
  • Students already matriculated into a Cambridge College program are advised to consult their academic advisor for written approval prior to taking any standardized exams. Without prior approval, acceptance of credits is not guaranteed.

ACE Evaluated Transcripts

Credits recognized through the American Council on Education (ACE) evaluated transcripts will be accepted at their full credit value as follows:

  • Up to 60 lower level credits may be accepted, provided the coursework meets Cambridge College general education or elective distribution requirements.
  • An additional 30 upper level credits may be accepted provided the coursework meets Cambridge College degree/program distribution requirements.
  • No “V” or vocational credits will be accepted for college transfer credits.
Please Note
  • Prior written approval by the undergraduate academic dean is required before taking courses at other institutions.
  • ACE evaluated and standardized exam credits may not duplicate a course taken at Cambridge College or at another institution.
  • Electronic transcripts will be accepted from military branches that only provide electronic transcripts; i.e. Army (AARTS) transcripts which will transition to Joint Services Transcripts on January 1, 2013.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are partnerships between educational institutions which formalize their relationship to each other, and allow for the direct transfer of academic credit. Cambridge College has developed articulation agreements with community colleges and other associate’s degree-granting institutions in order to expand the higher education opportunities for their graduates. These articulations are designed to maximize the students’ educational experience by providing guaranteed admission into Cambridge College bachelor’s degree programs, and accepting all credits constituting the associate’s degree of an articulating partner.

Any additional credits earned above and beyond the associate’s degree are subject to program distribution requirements (see above).

Cambridge College currently has articulation agreements with the following colleges: