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Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy

Updated January 25, 2022

Cambridge College (“CC” or “the College”) is committed to establishing and maintaining an educational and employment environment that is free from sexual harassment, as defined below. This policy governs investigations and determinations of claims of sexual harassment that would, if proven, constitute a violation of Title IX and the Massachusetts Act Relative to Sexual Violence on Campus. Claims of sexual misconduct other than Title IX sexual harassment will be considered under the Cambridge College Sexual Misconduct Policy. Claims of sex discrimination that would not violate Title IX, if proven, will be considered under the College’s Non-Discrimination Policy.

Sexual harassment is a violation of a person’s rights, dignity, and integrity, and is contrary to the mission and values of the College. Acts of sexual harassment are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. The College takes all sexual harassment seriously and is committed to providing information, education, resources, support, interim supportive measures, and direction to the CC community to prevent and address sexual harassment. In response to a Formal Complaint, as defined below, that a member of the CC community has engaged in sexual harassment, the College will take all appropriate steps to eliminate the harassment, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects. To achieve equitable results, the College will carefully review and/or investigate all Formal Complaints of sexual harassment with an earnest intent to understand the perspective and experiences of each individual involved, and to provide for fair and impartial evaluation and resolution. 

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