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Student Success Network Powered by STARFISH

Collaborate. Advocate. Succeed

What is Starfish?

Starfish is a tool that connects students with their personal success network at Cambridge College and improves the way we support student success. Students, faculty, and staff have the ability to raise alerts to ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed. Faculty can nurture students by sending them kudos for performance improvements or to recognize academic excellence. Starfish puts the services our students need at their fingertips, keeps everyone informed, and prompts action when necessary, so that the College can provide interventions just in time to prevent students from going off track.

How can Starfish help me?


Starfish is a powerful tool for students because it allows you to effectively advocate for the support services you need while at Cambridge College. You will be able to access your course information, grades, individualized success plan, and any To-Do’s created by your advisor. You will be able to view office hours of everyone in your Success Network (Success Coach or Advisor, Instructors, Academic Tutors) to schedule appointments. And you can, by using the raise your hand feature, confidentially raise alerts for services you need (academic, personal, and financial). Alerts are only sent to the person that can provide the needed support, and that person will reach out to you and schedule an appointment during which they will work with you on your concerns and help you be successful as a student.


Faculty use Starfish to raise alerts when they have concerns about a student’s attendance, participation, or academic performance. These alerts are sent directly to the student’s Success Coach or Academic Advisor who then follows-up with the students to address and resolve those concerns. Coaches and Advisors will be able to use Starfish to send referrals to the Academic Success Center for further support when needed. Faculty can also send Kudos to students to recognize academic excellence or progress made.

How can I access Starfish?

You can access Starfish directly through your MyCC portal on the Student Success Tab. No additional login is necessary. Starfish is available to the Cambridge College community as of Fall 2019!


Starfish Quick Guide