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Senior and Mid-Level Administrators Hiring Policy

Updated March 2021


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all open positions are filled in a timely and equitable manner. The College permits the employment of relatives. However, the College restricts a Senior Administrator/ Mid-Level Administrative (SA/MLA) from supervising or being supervised by an individual with whom he/she has a familial/domestic partner relationship.  Students may be hired at the discretion of the Department Head of the hiring department.

The Office of Human Resources posts all position vacancies for a minimum of ten (10) business days before an offer of employment can be extended to a candidate. This posting requirement provides the opportunity to communicate available opportunities throughout the College community and to encourage a diverse applicant pool.


1.  External Hiring

The Department Head, Vice President of Human Resources, and Executive Leadership must review and approve all position requests (including the job description and salary range) to fill a budgeted position before a search is initiated and/or an offer of employment is extended.

For all senior administrative position vacancies, except the College President, a search committee representing all segments of the College community may be created to provide recommendations to the President. The position of President of the College is filled by a process determined by the Board of Directors.

Search committees may also be established by the Hiring Administrator for the employment of mid-level administrative staff. The composition of the search Committee should be discussed in advance with the Vice President of Human Resources and the Department Head.

The role of Human Resources is to finalize the job description, manage the posting, all external advertising, and recruitment process in concert with the Hiring Administrator, and ensure that the selection process is consistent with Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines and the College’s commitment to diversity. Human Resources and the Hiring Administrator should agree on how they will manage this process ideally before any applicants are sought or candidates identified. Human Resources and the Hiring Administrator are responsible for documenting the hiring process.  Hiring Administrators should request and check at least three (3) references, if possible, on all finalists for a position.  These references should ideally be former supervisors provided by the final candidates.                                           

If there is a strong internal candidate under consideration or there is an outstanding external candidate under consideration, the Vice President of Human Resources, the Hiring Administrator, the Department Head, and Executive Leadership must agree on and approve waiving a formal search process before a hiring commitment is made.  

2.  Internal Transfers

All SAs/MLAs have the right to informally inquire about, consider, and preliminarily discuss a posted opportunity with the Office of Human Resources and/or the Hiring Administrator without informing their current supervisor. Human Resources and the Hiring Administrator will maintain the confidentiality of the inquiring staff member at this early stage.

If the SA/MLA decides to formally apply, he/she must inform his/her current supervisor and discuss this decision. Once this is accomplished, a letter of interest and resume should be submitted to Human Resources; Human Resources will maintain the original and forward a copy to the Hiring Administrator. The Hiring Administrator will schedule a formal interview with the SA/MLA.

In all situations, the Hiring Administrator must obtain a reference from the SA's/MLA’s current supervisor and may seek additional references from other internal and/or external sources, as provided by the SA/MLA.

No transfer/promotion will be finalized and processed without the current supervisor being consulted; and the SA/MLA, current supervisor, and Hiring Administrator are expected to negotiate a mutually agreeable start date.

The Office of Human Resources has responsibility for overseeing this process, including the final preparation of the job description for posting, and may be consulted at any point and can be asked to participate in the selection decision-making.