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Cambridge College Scholarships

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Through the generosity of foundations, corporations, alumni, and friends, Cambridge College is able to award scholarships to many deserving students each year.

Scholarship application recipients are selected based on demonstration of strong motivation to pursue a career, academic excellence, dedication to community service, and need for financial support of their education.

For more details, please review and complete the 2022-2023 Scholarship Application and recommendation forms, if applicable.

Apply Now for a Scholarship


  • Dorot Foundation
  • The Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation
  • Eileen Moran Brown Scholarship Fund/35th Anniversary
  • Finishline
  • The K. Dun Gifford Endowed Scholarship
  • Peabody
  • The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship


When filling out the scholarship application, please describe in your personal statement how the specific criteria for any applicable scholarships relate to your personal journey or situation.

The Carl F. Barron Scholarship
Requires a faculty recommendation.  

The Henry Hampton Scholarship
Requires a personal recommendation form

The Jane Saltonstall Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to women who have experienced and overcome extraordinary personal challenges.

The Lillian and Mack Kander Endowed Scholarship
Designed to make higher education accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to attend college.

The Stacey Milgrim Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to those hoping to make a life change through education and those facing difficult family problems.

The Susan Lowell Wales Dineen Scholarship
Designed to alleviate the financial burden of returning to school.

The average award is $1,000 per semester for an academic year.  Scholarships are awarded based on funding and eligibility.  

Please send the completed scholarship application packet to EnrollmentScholarship@cambridgecollege.edu or by mail: Enrollment Scholarship, Cambridge College, 500 Rutherford Ave, Boston, MA 02129 prior to the deadline.  

Application deadlines to apply: 

  • Spring term: December 16, 2022
  • Summer term: May 19, 2023

Applications submitted after these dates will be reviewed for the next term’s awards.

Cambridge College Global Scholarships

Cambridge College Global offers over two dozen degree and certificate programs, all delivered 100% online.

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