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FAQ's for Student Grades & Transcripts


Q: When will I receive my grades?

A: You will be able to view your grades on MyCC as soon as your instructor has entered them.

Q: Can you tell me my grades over the phone?

A: To protect your privacy, we do not tell students their grades over the phone.

Q: Can you fax my grades to me?

A: We do not under any circumstances fax grades or transcripts.

Q: When does my instructor enter grades?

A: Instructors may enter grades beginning on the last day the course meets.

Q: What should I do if the term has ended and the instructor has not entered a grade for me?

A: Please contact the instructor.

Q: How do I find out my GPA (Grade Point Average)?

A: You may request a letter stating your GPA. Please use the Letter Request form.

Q: My credits do not add up correctly at the bottom of my web transcript. What should I do?

A: Please contact the Registrar’s Office and request an academic recalculation.

Q: What happens to an INC (INComplete) grade after two terms?

A: If you do not complete the work for the course, the INC changes to an NCI (No Credit Incomplete) which is a failing grade.

Q: What is an AW grade?

A: AW means Administrative Withdrawal. After a review of the individual circumstances, the Registrar’s Office withdrew you from the course. AWs will not appear on your transcript.

Q: What is a PIN grade?

A: A PIN is a permanent incomplete used only for final projects, such as Capstone, ILP, & IRP. It is not factored into a GPA.



Q: How do I request a transcript?

A: Please visit the Student Forms page for more information about ordering transcripts, including pricing.

Q: Do you send transcripts electronically?

A: Yes, we send official transcripts electronically. Please refer to the link in the question above for more details, as well as how to order an unofficial transcript.

Q: What is the difference between official and unofficial?

A: Official transcripts: Printed, hard copy transcripts have a watermark that says “official transcript”, are stamped with the Cambridge College seal and arrive in a sealed envelope. If you choose to send an electronic transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment, it can only be official. Most employers require an official transcript.

Unofficial transcripts: Unofficial transcripts do not bear the Cambridge College seal and are generally for a student’s own use. Whether printed at the College or generated from MyCC, they have a watermark that says “unofficial transcript.”

Q: I don’t have time to go through the ordering portal, or download and print out a form. Can I request a transcript over the phone?

A: No. To protect your privacy, we require you to go through the proper channels.

Q: How long does it take for transcripts to be processed?

A: Transcripts are ordinarily sent within five to seven business days after receipt of the request. If you need a transcript more quickly, please consult our transcript officer at 617-873-0103.

Q: Can I view my transcript on MyCC?

A: You may view and print your unofficial transcript in MyCC. Click on the Student Registration tab, and on the center of the page, you’ll see “Unofficial Transcript”. From there you may need to choose your division from the dropdown, especially if you’re been enrolled in more than one degree.

Q: I will graduate next month and will need a transcript as soon as it is available after the conferral date. Do I need to request rush service?

A: No. Transcripts for graduates get priority! We make every effort possible to send new graduates’ transcripts out as soon as possible after the conferral date.

Q: Does each degree count as a separate transcript?

A: Yes. If, for instance, you received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, your courses and grades appear on two separate transcripts.

Q: Can you fax my transcript?

A: No. To protect your privacy, we do not fax transcripts.

Q: May I pick up my transcript in the Registrar’s Office?

A: Please contact the transcript officer at 617-873-0103.

Q: Can someone else pick up my transcript for me?

A: Yes, with your written consent. We will ask the person who is picking up the transcript to show ID.

Q: Will courses for which I have grades of Incomplete appear on my transcript?

A: No, transcripts are success-based. Only courses with passing grades appear on your transcript.

Q: Who do I contact about a typo on my transcript?

A: Please contact the Registrar at 617-873-0103.