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FAQ's for Financial Holds and Loans


Q: How can I get help with a hold?

A: Use the following to determine the best course of action:

  • Financial Aid Hold - Student Financial Services 617.873.0403
  • Reason for hold: Your Financial Aid is in process or not complete.
    • If you have applied for financial aid, the process may not be complete and funds may not have arrived to date, resulting in a hold. Prior to contacting the Financial Aid Office, please check your account on line.
  • Business Hold - Student Financial Services 617.873.0403
  • Reason for hold: You have a balance with the College which must be paid.
    • You have a payment plan; the balance must be paid before the hold will be removed.
    • You have Third Party Billing in effect and payment may be due.
  • Academic Hold - Bachelor's – School of Undergraduate Studies: 617.873.0547
  • Academic Hold - Graduate/Education – School of Education: Contact your Program Chair
  • Academic Hold - Graduate/Counseling & Psychology – School of Psychology and Counseling: (Google voice) 617.286.6118
  • Academic Hold - Graduate/Management – School of Management 617.873.0424
  • Academic CAGS Hold – School of Education or School of Psychology and Counseling (see above)
  • Graduation Clearance Pending Hold – Registrar’s Office 617.873.0101. This hold will be removed at the close of the Registrar’s graduation clearance for the current term. If you do not intend to complete your degree program requirements this term, please update your anticipated graduation date with the Registrar's Office, and the hold will be removed so that you may register for the upcoming term.
  • International I-20 Hold – International Student Office 617.873.0119. This hold will be removed and the student will be allowed to register for courses once the DSO has met face to face with the international student and has given the student the I-20 form.

Loan Deferments

Q: My lender is saying that it’s time for me to repay, but I’m still in school.  What do I do?

A: Send the Registrar’s Office a deferment form from the lender.  You fill out the top section and sign and date where required.  Please include your lender information.  We will complete section four of the form and fax and mail it to your lender.

Q: My lender has informed me that Cambridge College has not reported my enrollment status.

A: Every thirty days, the Registrar’s Office reports student enrollment status information to the National Student Clearinghouse where lenders check on student enrollment status. If your lender lets you know that your status information could not be found at the National Student Clearinghouse, please send us a deferment form, as above, and we will immediately send it to the lender.

Q: Where can I find a deferment form?

A: Most lenders supply deferment forms at their websites.

Q: How can I get a letter verifying my enrollment?

A: Please complete and submit a Letter Request form.

Q: Whom can I contact about a deferment question?

A: Please contact Assistant Registrar Robin McDaniel at 617.873.0275


Please note: students receiving Veterans Affairs assistance will not be subject to financial or business holds due to the delayed disbursement of VA funding. For the full policy, please see Veterans Benefits.