Timely Warning Policy

As an institution which receives federal financial aid funding, Cambridge College is obligated under the Cleary Act to keep and disclose information regarding crime on and/or near each of our campuses and the timely notification to the entire campus community if a crime was committed that presents a threat or risk to students and/or employees. Failure to comply carries serious consequences and can result of fines up to $27,500 and loss of funding for federal student financial aid.

The timely warning process uses RAVE enacted by the Vice President for Finance and Administration in the event of an incident which poses an ongoing threat to the Cambridge College community. The decision to inform the community will be made based on the facts involved in the incident. This timely warning will enable members of the community to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Incidents which are reported to the community may be reports which come directly to Cambridge College administration or which may come through local law enforcement authorities. Examples of incidents which may prompt timely warning include, but are not limited to:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Forcible Sexual Offenses
  • Robbery
  • Missing Person
  • Arson
  • Non-negligent Manslaughter
  • Murder

Cambridge College employees who are made aware of any of the abovementioned incidents are required to immediately report the incident to the Campus Security/Regional Center Director, or their Regional, Center Director, even if the party involved does not wish to be identified.

Notification Process

  1. Contacting 911 for Police, Fire, EMT emergency services should always be done first when necessary and appropriate, then contact Campus Security/Regional Center Director after placing the emergency services call.
  2. College staff should immediately notify Campus Security/Regional Center Director if an incident has occurred. They in turn shall contact the Vice President for Finance and Administration. The Vice President for Finance and Administration will determine if the incident requires a warning. If it is determined that the community should be notified, a warning will be posted in an appropriate manner to reach members of the College community where the incident occurred to include any or all of the following methods: RAVE, Cambridge College email, posted flyers in campus buildings, message on MyCC, electronic messaging boards, other mass communications means at the College’s disposal, or radio and television media outlets.

The warning may include:

  1. Nature of incident
  2. Location, date and time of incident
  3. Description of suspect (s)
  4. Action recommended for community members
  5. Crime prevention information
  6. Contact number for Director of Business Operations, Manager of Facilities Operations, Dean of Student Affairs, and appropriate Regional Center Director.

The College reserves the right to redact information in the warning which could compromise an on­going investigation from local and state law enforcement authorities.

Individual responsible for revision and implementation: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Date of Original Implementation: Unknown

Date of Last Revision: April 2019