Technology Renewal Policy


The purpose of the Cambridge College Technology Renewal Policy is to ensure a sustainable technology infrastructure to support the learning environment and to enable efficient business practices. In addition, support resources and lost productivity from downtime will be reduced with the use of newer equipment.

Technology equipment covered under the plan includes:

  • Faculty and staff computers
  • Lab and classroom computers
  • Shared departmental or lab/classroom laser printers
  • Centralized servers
  • Network electronics including routers and switches
  • Classroom technology including video projectors, whiteboards, and videoconferencing equipment

Technology equipment not covered under the plan includes:

  • Computers purchased from grant funds and used by grant funded programs
  • Reassigned computers and printers that are below the campus standard for support

Core faculty, and staff computers will be replaced or upgraded on a 4 year cycle, budget permitting. Each faculty or staff member will be allocated a single machine (laptop or desktop) with some exceptions. Non-critical machines (e.g. student workers) will be replaced from available recycled inventory. Computers will be replaced based on the age of the machine, oldest replaced first. Deans and department heads will be allowed to determine which faculty or staff member receives the newer machine.

All lab and classroom upgrades and renovations will first be classified by the Instructional Technology Team before a design is created. Labs and classrooms will also be classified as requiring a 2, 3, or 4 year replacement cycle. Those on the 4 year cycle will receive recycled machines from the 2 or 3 year facilities. A primary goal of this process is to have the same equipment in a given facility to provide consistency for students and faculty and to minimize maintenance time. Priority for the replacement cycle classifications will be given to shared facilities, usage statistics, and application requirements.

A pool of computers from this process will be reserved annually to accompany new faculty and staff positions.

Technology equipment that is covered under the plan is not to be purchased from departmental

Computers and/or printers that are replaced through the renewal process are returned to IT. IT then reassigns the machines or disposes of them through the campus disposal process. Computers and printers that are below the campus standard for support will only be reassigned for special circumstances. Those that are reassigned to new purposes will not be considered in the renewal process.

A list of hardware covered under this plan will be maintained within IT.

Individuals Responsible for Revision and Implementation:
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Director of Information Technology

Date of Original Implementation: October 2011

Date of Last Revision: October 2011