Emergency Closing Policy

The President or designee shall have the authority to close any location of the College in instances where the safety of students and employees may be at risk. Emergencies include, but are not limited to: weather, response to local government officials, violence, acts of nature, compromised facilities/building, and threats against the College or the college community.

In situations in which the College decides not to close, each individual must make their own reasonable and personal decision whether to attend classes or report for work.

Regional Center Directors shall have the same closing authority for their respective campus centers on a day-by-day basis. Any closing of a Regional Center shall be communicated via cell phone to the Executive Director of the Regional Centers and NITE. The Executive Director shall communicate such closing by:

  • Informing College Leadership
  • Posting notification on MyCC (and website, if applicable)
  • Coordinating with Regional Center Director(s) to inform students and employees
  • Notifying College offices

In situations where the closing is anticipated to extend beyond one day, the Vice President of Finance and Administration shall be informed who will consult with the Provost regarding the impact to academic scheduling. These individuals, with the President, shall determine the appropriateness of a prolonged closing and begin preparations with College staff to direct College resources as needed.

Notification to television and radio outlets is the responsibility of Business Operations for the Cambridge, MA locations. Regional Center Directors shall be responsible for media notifications in their respective geographical areas. Business Operations shall serve as backup for the Regional Centers.

For all locations, Business Operations will serve as a backup resource and shall be responsible for maintaining necessary contacts, procedures, and codes to broadcast emergency closing information as appropriate via television/radio outlets, email, MyCC, telephone, and postings. The Executive Director of the Regional Centers and NI1E (Regional Centers) and the Director of Business Operations (Cambridge locations) shall be responsible each September 1 for reviewing and editing procedures for closing, and updating media outlet contact information.

Individual Responsible for Revision & Implementation: VP of Human Resources and Talent Development

Date of Implementation: June 2012

Date of Last Revision: June 2012