Registration Requirements

How Many Credits to Register For


  • 6 credits/term (minimum to be eligible for financial aid)
  • 15 credits/term, 12 credits in summer (maximum allowed without written exception*)


  • 4 credits/term (minimum to be eligible for financial aid)
  • 12 credits/term (maximum allowed without written exception*)

*The online registration system limits course registration to the maximum shown above. Exceptions require prior written approval from an academic advisor and academic dean, and are rare.

Registering for Online and Hybrid Courses

ONLY the following programs have been approved to be taken 50% or more online:

  • BS in Managerial Accounting
  • BS in Health Care Management
  • BS in Management Studies
  • MEd: Teacher of Students With Moderate Disabilities
  • MBA
  • MBA/Healthcare

International students have further limitations regarding online courses. Please contact the international students advisor for details.

Hybrid courses combine online and in-seat residency in a single course, and are therefore considered in-seat and not online.

Students Returning After Absence

Before registering:

Students enrolled in a degree or certificate but not registered and
taking courses are considered “absent” that term or year.

Students absent fewer than five years must visit the Registrar’s Office to complete a Reinstatement form.

Students absent for five years or more need to re-apply to a program that is currently offered, submitting all materials to the Admissions Office. They must meet all current admission and academic program requirements.

Please be aware that some programs may no longer be available. Your academic advisor or the dean can assist you to find a program that may accept much of your earlier course work, and help you map out your remaining course work.

See Returning Students policy.

Non-Matriculated Students

A non-matriculated student is a student who is not enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

See Non-Matriculated Students policy.

Non-matriculated students may register for most in-seat, hybrid and online courses; they may audit courses as well. However, the College reserves the right to restrict access by non-matriculated students to particular courses.

To get the full benefit of the course work, any course prerequisites must be met. The prior education and experience required for the corresponding degree are recommended.

Please fill out a Non-Matriculated Students Registration Form, which is also available at the Registrar’s Office.

Students not matriculated into a degree or certificate program at Cambridge College are allowed to take up to nine credits for credit without applying for and enrolling in a degree or certificate program. Students should seek advisement from the academic dean of the school in which they are taking courses. Certain exceptions based on program, alumni status or location may apply.

Acceptance of credits into a degree or certificate - Courses completed at Cambridge College by students not enrolled in an academic program may be evaluated for acceptance into Cambridge College programs by the dean or program chair of the receiving program. There is no guarantee that courses taken as a non-matriculated student will be accepted into an academic program at Cambridge College.