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Personal Time

Updated November 2018

All employees shall be eligible to accrue and use paid personal time.  The College shall provide all full time non-union and union, benefit eligible employees with 3 days of personal time each fiscal year.  Part-time employees working 20 hours or more per week will earn personal days on a pro-rata basis.  Personal days do not carry over to the next fiscal year and may not be used to lengthen approved vacation time.  Employees will receive their personal days at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Employees will receive their personal time on the first day of work, but are not entitled to start using earned personal time until ninety (90) calendar days after their first initial day of work.  Personal day’s balances will be maintained in hours.  An absence for a partial day may be paid using personal days and the employee’s personal days will be charged accordingly.  There is no pay in lieu of personal days not taken or payment of personal days balance(s) upon termination.