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Payroll – Payroll Check Stop Payment

Date of Original Implementation: August, 2011

Date of Last Revision: October 2011


To state the College’s policy when a payroll check is lost, stolen or delayed/lost in the mail.


This policy applies to all employees who receive a payroll check.


All payroll checks are mailed one day prior to the pay date and are mailed from the Payroll Office at College’s main campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lost or Stolen Checks

If an employee received their check and then subsequently determined that it was last or stolen, they should contact the Payroll Office immediately. The Payroll Office with place a stop payment on the check and a new check will be issued. If a check is misplaced by the employee, a stop payment fee may apply.

Delayed or Lost in the Mail

Occasionally, checks are delayed or lost in the mail after they have been delivered to the Post Office. It is the College’s policy that a stop payment will not be processed until 10 business days after the date the check was mailed.

A stop payment may be requested earlier than the 10 business days. In such cases, the employee will bear the cost of the stop payment. The College will charge the employee what the bank charges the College for stop payment.

Stop Payment Requests

Once the College places a stop payment on a check, the employee will be unable to cash the original check if it is subsequently found or delivered in the mail.


Individuals Responsible for Implementation: Vice President for Finance and Administration and Controller