Disability Accommodation Documentation Guidelines

The Office of Disability Support (ODS) asks students who request disability accommodations to describe their disability, their past use of accommodations, and the disability's likely impact on their educational experiences. Types of documentation supportive of requests include medical records, psycho-educational testing, school records, and letters or affidavits from mental health professionals. If students do not have copies of this type of information, they are welcome to meet with ODS to discuss other ways to demonstrate a connection between the condition and academic barriers anticipated or currently being faced.

Any expenses incurred in the obtaining of professional verification are the individual's responsibility. The following documentation criteria will be used:

The documentation must state the diagnosis

  1. The documentation must state the functional limitations of the diagnosis as they pertain to academics.
  2. The documentation must state recommendations for academic accommodations.

All documentation must:

  • Be signed by the treating clinician and be written on official letterhead
  • Be recent except in cases of neuropsychological testing done as an adult
  • Be complete (all pages included) except in cases of neuropsychological testing where students might prefer to omit personal background or history

Treating Clinician

Treating clinician is defined as a qualified, licensed health care professional, currently or recently associated with a student. Family members who are health care providers or work colleagues associated with students may not act as treating clinicians for the purposes of providing disability documentation.