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IT Support

The Office of Information Technology is available to support the variety of IT issues students, faculty, and staff may have at the College. 

A/V Request

The A/V request system is only available to Faculty and Staff located at our Cambridge campuses.  Please email helpdesk@cambridgecollege.edu to place an A/V Request.


The IT department will always encourage you to place an eHelpdesk ticket. Email helpdesk@cambridgecollege.edu to create a support ticket.

Support Center

Cambridge College maintains a support line to assist you with minor IT problems. They can be reached by calling 617-873-0159 or through our main phone number, 1-800-877-4723 ext 1159.

Password Reset Portal

Students and faculty no longer have to contact the helpdesk to reset their network logon credentials. They can now reset their password on their own by visiting the Cambridge College “Password Reset Portal”. If you need assistance, please view the Self Service Network Password Reset Portal for a quick tutorial on how to use this tool.


The College now has a centrally managed printing system. Our Ricoh multifunction copiers serve as a copier, scanner, and an endpoint printer. The system we have implemented has 'follow me' printing to allow printing to any physical device by staff, faculty, and students, using a PIN or Cambridge College ID system.

Classroom Technology

The majority of classrooms at Cambridge College are A/V equipped. The College makes use of state-of-the-art video projection, and audiovisual and computing equipment to provide students with an enhanced classroom experience.

Documents Storage, Backup and Departmental Shared Files

Staff and Core Faculty who have an Exchange email account have their documents backed up automatically on a daily basis. Please keep in mind that this service is only available for documents stored in the “Document” folder and only when faculty connects to the network with their network credentials.  Staff members who are permanently connected to the wired network will always have their files backup on our servers.  Departments can request a departmental shared folder to facilitate sharing of files across the department.  Please keep in mind that all server storage comes at a cost, and we ask you to use good judgment in managing your files. Please, no personal files, personal pictures, or music storage is allowed.

Guest Network Accounts

Guest network accounts are available for visitors to our campuses that will allow connection to the wireless network.  Site Directors should make arrangements to obtain the account credentials with the IT department well in advance of the need.

Purchase software at a discount

Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to visit the password-protected Student Use software site to see if any of the offerings available can aid and assist them in their classwork or work-at-home activities.  If you need help accessing this site, please see the Software at a Discount information page. To obtain Microsoft Office, please visit the following installation page

IT Technicians

Every campus has local IT technicians to assist you and to help maintain equipment, classrooms, and computer drop-in centers.  Please refer to your site’s campus information for times and dates when these services are available.


Self Help

The IT department has a series of tools and documents available. They include: