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IT for New Students

The Registrar manages your personal data.  Students will receive their student ID during the admissions process. If you have forgotten your ID or need the number resent, please contact the Registrar's office by phone at 617-873-0101 or by email at registrar@cambridgecollege.edu. Once you are in our systems you will be provided with accounts to access:


The Cambridge college email system for students and faculty is called “GO”. Go is administered through Google.  Google services are identical to their Google Apps product and are widely used throughout the higher education community.  See the IT Support page for more information on your Cambridge College issued email.

MyCC Portal and the Learning Management System

You will need to access the MyCC portal frequently as a student to register for classes, make payments, receive information that is critical to your student status, receive campus advisories,  and most importantly, to access the Learning Management  System while attending classes.  MyCC is also a useful site to link to other sites in the Cambridge College hierarchy.  We have links there to get to your email, Zoom.us, the eHelpdesk, and other resources. You can learn more about how to access MyCC here.

Network Login

You must use your network credentials to access our wireless network, our computer labs, to print from a lab computer, and to access the Cambridge College online library. Your Network Username is (FirstName.LastName). Do not include any other digits that follow in your email address. Your login is only the first 20 characters of your name. and the initial password is your ID Number prefixed with as many zero's to make it at least 8 characters long. This Network Login is your primary account used for logging into the computers, printing from them, accessing the WiFi and other resources.


The College now has a centrally managed printing system. Our Ricoh multifunction copiers serve as a copier, scanner, and endpoint printer. The system we have implemented has 'follow me' printing to allow printing to any physical device by students using their Student ID number or Cambridge College ID card. All students receive a 200-page quota each semester. Every page after that is $.10, and students must have money in their account prior to releasing a print job.