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IT Security and Policies

Data Security Policy

All custodians and guardians of administrative data are expected to manage, access, and utilize data in a manner that maintains and protects the security and confidentiality of that information.  All notice to Federal, State & local regulations must be considered and adhered to when using or sharing personal or confidential information.  Any notice of a breach of confidential information whether in paper or electronic form MUST be reported to the College’s Security Officer immediately. See full policy.

Electronic Communication (email) Policy

Cambridge College provides access to email and the MyCC portal for all students, faculty and staff. Email is an official method of communication at Cambridge College. Students, faculty and staff are held strictly responsible for the consequences of not reading College related communications sent to their official Cambridge College email address. Cambridge College students will also utilize the MyCC portal to post role specific messages and College related announcements. The purpose of this policy is to identify electronic communication as an official means of communication within Cambridge College and to define the responsibilities of Cambridge College students, faculty and staff related to electronic communication.  See full policy.

Personal Digital Assistant Policy

While Cambridge College encourages ownership and use of personal electronic devices it does not provide hands on support for legal reasonsThis PDA policy define standards, procedures, and restrictions for the use and support of Personal Digital Assistant devices (PDAs) that are common in the workplace and may be used by employees of Cambridge College and it’s students. See full policy.

Remote Access Policy

Access to critical information systems and services resident on the Cambridge College network from the public Internet is a requirement for a significant portion of the Cambridge College professional community.  The College has established a service using LogMeIn’s remote access “cloud based” solution to provide employees a way to access their secure desktops to perform most basic desktop functions.  The VPN service is no longer available. See full policy.

Responsible Use Policy

Cambridge College is an educational institution which encourages continuous learning, experimentation, and the development of the adult learner.  The College is committed to respecting individual privacy and freedom while expecting each individual to act in a responsible, legal, ethical and efficient manner when using the College’s information technology systems and resources.  These systems are designed to encourage high-quality educational, professional career development and self-discovery activities.

The purpose of this policy is to define responsible and ethical behavior that guides faculty, student, and staff use of information technology resources at Cambridge College. See full policy.

Technology Renewal Policy

Cambridge College strives to maintain a sustainable technology infrastructure that will support the learning environment and to enable efficient business practices. See full policy.

Technology equipment covered under this renewal policy includes:

  • Faculty and staff computers
  • Lab and classroom computers
  • Centralized servers
  • Network electronics including routers, firewalls and switches
  • Classroom technology including video projectors, audio visual systems and videoconferencing equipment

Technology equipment not covered under the plan includes:

  • Computers purchased from grant funds and used by grant funded programs
  • Reassigned computers and printers that are below the campus standard for support

Wireless Network Policy

Cambridge College provides wireless networking services in public spaces on each campus to enable the convenience of mobile network connectivity. This service allows members of the College community to access the campus wide network from wireless devices or portable computers where coverage is available. See full policy.

Other Security Related Information

Federal and State Policies

Being aware of computer Viruses, Malware and Phishing

Laptop Encryption - If you are using a laptop and the laptop contains personally identifyable information about faculty or staff, the laptop needs to be encrypted.  Please contact the IT Helpdesk.

  • Lost or stolen Laptops
  • Storing sensitive or personally identifiable data on a laptop

Securing your Home Computer

Reporting Security Related Incidents