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The Payroll Office, within the Financial Services Division, is responsible for overseeing the processing of the College’s weekly and semi-monthly payrolls. Payroll team work closely with Human Resources to ensure that all payroll activities are performed accurately, efficiently and in accordance with college policies, bargaining unit agreements and federal and state laws. 

The best way to reach our office is via our general email address which is monitored continuously. Please contact us to make an appointment if you need payroll assistance

Payroll Forms

IPAY Information

IPAY is the ADP hosted on-line site that allows you to view up to three years of payroll vouchers and W-2’s. All employees with direct deposit must enroll in IPAY as the College does not get copies of your pay vouchers and it is the only way you can view your detailed pay information. 
Log into IPAY.


Payroll Pay Date

  • Hourly Employees are paid weekly every Friday.
  • MLA / Salaried Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and last day of the month according to their salary.
  • Core Faculties are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and last day of the month according to their salary.
  • Part Time Faculties (PTF) are paid according to the classes they teach. Their compensation payments are divided evenly over the length of the classes. For detail explanation, please go to FAQ: I am a part-time faculty member teaching classes this term. When will I get paid?

If the 15th or last day of the month falls on a weekend, or bank holiday, the pay date will be the business day immediately preceding the weekend or bank holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Visit the FAQ page