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How do I change my tax withholdings?

To change your federal tax deductions please fill in and sign a W4 Form and return to form to the Payroll Office.  To change your state withholdings follow the same procedure, selecting the appropriate state form on the Payroll page of this site.

How do I sign-up for Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit it available for all employees. Please fill out the  and return the signed form along with a canceled check to the Payroll Office. You may have up to three separate accounts for deposit and all must be listed on the form with voided checks attached (checking accounts only). An example of the bank routing number and your account number are illustrated on the form. If you are unsure of your routing or account number please check with your individual bank. Direct Deposit takes 2-3 weeks to become active. Once you are active on Direct Deposit you will no longer receive a pay voucher and must sign up for the ADP IPAY service.

How do I enroll for the IPAY service?

IPAY is the free ADP website that stores three years of pay vouchers and W2 forms for you. To enroll, follow the instructions on the . You may also find the helpful.

I have forgotten my IPAY password. What do I do?

Go the IPAY login screen and select the option “Forgot Password”. They system will send a reset to the email you used when upon registration. Follow the instructions in the email.

How do I know how much sick/vacation time I have left?

You can view your hours remaining on the top right side of your pay stub or IPAY voucher. BALVAC is your vacation hours and BALSIC are your sick hours.

When will I get paid?

Hourly employees are paid every Friday.  MLA’s and Core Faculty are paid semi monthly.  for the Semi Monthly Payroll Calendar.

How do I report time off hours?

Employees paid on a weekly basis fill out a time sheet indicating all time taken and how the hours should be categorized. The signed are due to the Payroll office by noon on Monday for the Friday pay date.  MLA’s fill out a and send the signed form to the Payroll Office by the 10th of the following month.

How do I replace a lost W-2?

W-2’s for three years are stored on your IPAY site. Even if you do not have Direct Deposit you can enroll in IPAY so that you can access pay vouchers and W2’s. To enroll follow the sheet.

How do I change my address?

Contact the HR Department

How to request donations to be made to the Annual Fund through payroll deductions?

Please fill out the  and return the signed form to the Payroll Office.

What form do I use to submit compensation of ILP’s, Independent Studies or Practicum Supervision?

You fill out the  and have it signed by your Budget Manager (Program Manager, Site Director or Provost). Submit the signed form and any required back-up to the Payroll Office by the 15th of the month for the pay period ending at month end.