General Information

For Students: 

                      2015-16 Work-Study Request Form

For Supervisors: Work-Study Supervisor Guidelines

Work-Study Opportunities at Cambridge College

Below are the locations and departments that currently have open Work-Study positions at Cambridge College. All students interested in Work-Study will need to contact the Financial Aid Office first to be considered and to verify eligibility. Then, please contact the person listed below to inquire about any job in which you are interested.


Community Service Work-Study - up to $20/hour

Cambridge College students who qualify for federal work-study programs as part of their financial aid have the opportunity to earn their work-study funds by volunteering with service focused student organizations providing volunteer service to off campus communities. Students who serve as tutors, mentors, run after school programming for low-income students, and help non-native speakers practice English are examples of community service positions.

You can earn up to $20/hour in work-study earnings through community service options. All community service jobs require a College Work-Study Community Service Agreement, as well as all other work-study documents. Due to limited funding, we can only hire 4 off campus work study students which will be on first come, first served basis. Please contact Marie Annylusse before applying to any of the approved off site work study.



See Marie Annylusse in the Financial Aid Office.