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Federal and state grants are part of the scholarship portion of the overall financial aid award. As such, funding from these sources is determined and/or verified by the Office of Student Financial Services. These deadlines are listed on the FAFSA and are available at studentaid.gov.

Estimates of federal and state grants are included in the initial award based on data submitted on the FAFSA, and other application materials. The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for verifying all application information and reporting the corrected information to Federal and state agencies. If any changes are made during our verification process, a revised award notification will be sent to you. Federal and state grant funds will be disbursed to your student account once the necessary application materials have been received and reviewed (verified) and funding has been received. Because these programs operate on different schedules, not all federal and state grants will be credited to your account at the same time. In general, these awards will be disbursed to your student account in two even installments—one each semester.

Federal grant programs

Federal Pell Grant

A federal grant program awarded to students with exceptional financial need.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

A federal grant program awarded to students with exceptional need, with preference to students receiving Federal Pell Grants.

Federal TEACH Grant

A Federal grant program awarded to students who intend to teach full-time in high-need subject areas for at least four years at schools that serve students from low-income families. If the teaching requirements are not met, this grant becomes an unsubsidized Federal Stafford loan, with interest accruing from the date the grant was initially disbursed. For more information, visit studentaid.gov/manage-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/teacher.

Massachusetts State Grants

State grants are administered through the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA). Cambridge College is obligated to ensure that every student who is a recipient of MASS Grant, Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Foster Care Grant, Part-Time Grant, and Gilbert Grant meet the mandatory requirements.

For all grants, a student must:

  • Be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the opening of the academic year
  • Be a U.S. citizen or non-citizen eligible under Title IV regulations
  • Have applied for financial aid using the standard Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1st
  • Not be in default of any federal or state student loan for attendance at any institution or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received

There are additional requirements for each grant, including:

MASS Grant

Be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits). Not have a prior bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Must be an undergraduate student. Demonstrate financial need for tuition and fees. MASS Grant is awarded for fall and spring semesters. This is awarded to students with exceptional financial need. Learn more and apply.

Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program (ECE) 

Be enrolled at least half time (6 credits). Be employed for at least one year as an educator or provider in an early education and care program or out of school time program that is licensed or authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). Learn more and apply.

Foster Care Grant 

Be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits). Be placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families through a Care and Protection Petition. Be under the age of twenty-five (25) at the start of the academic year. Have signed a voluntary agreement with the Department of Social Services establishing terms and conditions for receiving such aid. Learn more and apply.

Gilbert Grant 

Be in attendance as a full-time student at an eligible institution. Have not earned your first baccalaureate or professional degree and are enrolled in a program of study at the postsecondary level. This is awarded to students with financial need. Learn more and apply.

Part-Time Grant 

Be enrolled for at least six (or the equivalent) but fewer than 12 undergraduate credits per academic term in an eligible undergraduate degree program or eligible certificate program. Not have received a prior bachelor’s degree or professional degree or their equivalent. Learn more and apply.


Students who are eligible to receive states grants MUST maintain their eligibility requirement throughout the semester. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in accordance with Cambridge College standards.