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Employment Separation

Updated November 2018

Voluntary separation occurs when an employee resigns or retires.  Employees are encouraged to provide at least two weeks’ notice (four weeks for management level) of intent to resign in a written letter of resignation including the intended last day of work. Cambridge College has the right to accept the employee’s resignation, effective immediately, and end the employment relationship, in which case Cambridge College will pay out the remainder of the notice period as defined above (but not to exceed, regardless of any further notice provided by the employee). 

An employee who fails to report to work for three consecutive workdays without contacting his or her supervisor may be considered to have abandoned his or her position, and voluntarily resigned from employment.

Involuntary separation occurs when an employee is terminated for cause, is the subject of a reduction in force, or when the employee’s position comes to an end.

All exiting employees will formally meet with the Office of Human Resources on or prior to the last day of employment for an exit interview and a discussion of the status of their benefits.  At that time, all College property (e.g. keys, access cards, laptops, etc.) must be returned and/or accounted for.

Typically, an employee’s termination date will be the last day worked; however, for employees out on an approved leave of absence, the effective date of termination may vary under the circumstances.

Employees may not use accumulated paid leave to extend the date of employment beyond the last day that actual work is performed.  Final paychecks are processed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, less any amounts owed to Cambridge College, and will include payment for time worked and any unused, accumulated vacation time. 

Employees who have participated in the 403B and plan to retire and wish to apply for Retirement System benefits must notify their supervisors in writing of their intent to retire and should also contact the Office of Human Resources to request current Retirement information.