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Employee Personnel Files

Updated November 2018

The Office of Human Resources maintains a personnel file for each employee, and seeks to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all personnel file records.  The Office of Human Resources and/or the employee’s supervisor will notify an employee within ten (10) days of any documentation being placed into the personnel file that has been used or may be used that could negatively impact the employee's qualifications for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation, or result in disciplinary action.  If an employee wishes to dispute any contents of their personnel file, they may do so in writing and this documentation will be placed into the personnel file along with the document(s) being disputed. 

An employee wishing to review his/her own personnel file must submit a written request to HR and access will be granted within five (5) business days.  Employees do not have a right to review the personnel files of other employees.  An employee will be allowed to review the documents contained within his/her own personnel file in the Office of Human Resources during normal business hours.  An employee may not remove, discard or alter any document found within his/her personnel file.  For the confidential review of a personnel file by an employee or a supervisor at a regional center location, a copy may be securely forwarded upon receiving a written and signed request.

An employee is permitted to receive one free copy of his/her personnel file per year, and may review his/her file no more than two times per year, unless he/she was recently notified of the placement of negative information in the file.  Former employees will be charged a service fee of .25 cents per page for a complete copy their personnel file.