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Employee Dress Code and Personal Appearance

Updated November 2018

Employees are expected to report to work well-groomed, neat, clean and dressed appropriately, in business-appropriate attire, according to the requirements of their position.

Clothing that is dirty, torn, tight or revealing is not acceptable. Any employee reporting to work dressed or groomed inappropriately may be prevented from working until the employee returns to work well-groomed and wearing the proper attire. The time not worked will be unpaid, in accordance with applicable laws.

Employees are expected to use good judgment in their selection of workplace attire, grooming, appearance, personal hygiene and personal habits and to present themselves professionally at all times.  Please consult your supervisor or the Vice President of Human Resources for specific information regarding acceptable attire for your position.

There may be situations requiring more formal attire.  Employees who interact with students, vendors or other visitors to the office are expected to represent the College in a professional manner and dress appropriately for conducting such business.

Casual Fridays - all employees are permitted to wear jeans on Fridays.  Jeans should not have holes, frays, etc.

If an employee has any questions about this policy or wishes to seek clarification, he/she should contact HR.